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The PayaCharity Management Portal has been specifically designed to give you greater control and visibility over your devices and reporting data.

Within the portal you are able to view recently connected or disconnected devices, manage stored donations to ensure that no donations are missed, review approved or declined transactions and many other useful reports which are all exportable into xls or CSV format.

All user guides and instructional videos are linked so you've got access to resources any time you need them.

Management Portal

Features & Benefits

Download Reports
Download and print transaction reports for your team. Access your fundraising data with the click of a button.
Fundraise Your Way
Gain the freedom to have full control of your fundraising campaigns. Save time and peace of mind.
Harness Technology
Improve your overall charity efficiency and provide you valuable insights to help boost your fundraising potential.
Measure Device Dormancy
Keep track of which devices are active and which are dormant. Always know how and when your devices are being used.
Measure Device Performance
Oversee your device performance and monitor transactions. Get an in-depth view of how many donations you receive.
Manage Incomplete Transactions
See the status of every donation you receive. Never lose an offline donation again.
Manage Gift Aid
Manage your Gift-Aid reclaim data for donations taken on our compatible devices, app or digital channels.
Digital Channels
Linked services will be pulled into one Management Portal for simple user administration.
Order additional devices
We've made ordering additional devices easy, you can order additional devices in a couple of clicks on the PayaCharity Merchant Portal.
Make Your Campaigns More Powerful

Whether you’re a small charity trying to increase your donation potential or an established charitable organisation looking for an unrivalled service, PayaCharity have solutions that are flexible and can be adapted to your unique fundraising objectives.

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Apply Online Charity Solutions

Watch the video below to see some functionality our Management Portal offers all our customers

Our Digital Fundraising Solutions

Apple Pay & Google Pay Enabled
Apple Pay & Google Pay Enabled More
Bespoke Donation Pages
Bespoke Donation Pages More
Causes More
Donation Button Generation
Donation Button Generation More
Gift Aid Reclaim
Gift Aid Reclaim More
QR Code Generation
QR Code Generation More
SMS Links
SMS Links More
Ultra Fast NFC Donations
Ultra Fast NFC Donations More
Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal More

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