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Ultra Fast '14 Second' Mobile Donations

Donors can now complete ultra-fast mobile donations on their phone triggered by NFC Tag technology leveraging Apple Pay and Google Pay.

This functionality is perfect for passer-by ad-hoc fundraising and helps to keep both fundraisers and donors safe whilst maintaining their generosity to giving time and funds to your causes. Ultra-fast mobile donations reduce the donation process down to as little as 14 seconds using technology already built into their smartphones, which can read NFC Tags without the need to download or open an additional app.

Donors simply tap NFC Tag which automatically directs them to your donation page where they can complete their ultra-fast donation using their Apple Pay Wallet or Google Pay account.

Features & Benefits

  • Log into your PayaCharity Portal
  • Generate multiple causes
  • Have full control over the colour and branding
  • Your Donation Page is linked directly to your account
  • Same transaction fees
  • No complicated set ups

If you would like to find out more about how contactless donations could boost your charity’s fundraising strategy

Call 0333 123 1243 today

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