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Grab Attention Immediately

With the competition to be noticed and memorable in today’s society increasing, interactive displays are an excellent way to advertise your campaigns to potential donors without having to say a word.

Interactive displays are highly customisable and can be placed anywhere to grab attention. Whether you’d like to collect donations using a charity vending machine or a have a ‘thank you’ video play every time someone donates, the possibilities are endless with interactive displays.

Be Different

Interactive displays enhance the experience that donors get by donating to your cause. Breaking the repetitive, uneventful or detached experience of donating can generate greater interest and encourage repeat donations.

The novelty of interactive donations is key to convincing your donors to come back, share their experiences and be an advocate for your cause.

Interactive Displays

Pulse Technology
Interactive Example
Pulse Technology
For Payter P66 Plane
Create a memorable contactless donation experience with your fundraising by utilising the pulse technology within your Payter donation box.
Getting Started

To get set started with PayaCharity Digital Donation Services, simply log into your Charity Portal. If you aren’t currently a customer of PayaCharity you can apply for an Account.

The application is 100% online and there are no set up fees to pay. Once we’ve approved your application you will have full access to the PayaCharity Portal and the Digital Donation Features.

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If you would like to find out more about how contactless donations could boost your charity’s fundraising strategy

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