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PayaCharity is committed to assisting its customers with the provision of information to recover Gift Aid on eligible donations across all channels.

We can now support Gift Aid collection across a whole range of our services.

Gift Aid is currently available on all digital channel donation pages including our recently launched MyGivingHub which enables donors to match up their giving via our contactless devices as well as online. This is achieved using tokenisation which recognises when the same cardholder has used their card in both environments.

In addition to this, we can now offer you the ability to collect Gift Aid using our in house Charity App which is available on the PAX A920, A77 and A50 device.

Gift Aid Reclaim

Features & Benefits

  • Simple service compared to other solutions
  • Full Gift Aid uplift on all eligible donations made with cards registered by Donors
  • Gift Aid on contactless donations without the pre-entry of Donor details at the donation point, so avoiding queues
  • Minimal administration. Gift Aid reports are available in your PayaCharity portal selectable by date range
  • Gift Aid information is provided for FREE and there is no additional charge on the amount recovered
  • PayaCharity’s multichannel tokenization allows donors to add Gift Aid to any donation made on their registered cards within the past 4 years
  • Registration of donors can be encouraged by QR Codes, NFC Tags or via Web address
  • PayaCharity partners can be introduced to assist you with Gift Aid recovery

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PayaCharity now offers

  • Collection of Donor data for the organisation to reclaim its own Gift Aid or reclaim via its agent and Gift Aid declarations across its digital channels
  • Capture and recovery of Gift Aid across its digital channels, contactless solutions and our recently launched MyGivingHub.
  • Management of registered donors and their multiple card declarations for recurring donations
  • Matching of contactless donations of registered donors
Gift Aid Reclaim
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