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Get Donations On Your Website

Many donors today prefer to have the added choice of donating online. This is often a quick and secure way for many to donate to causes they care about at any given time.

Having donation options on your charity website reflects your mission and your values as an organisation. It also keeps your website functional and modern.

Donation buttons are also an excellent opportunity to highlight the positive impact that donations make to your organisation

Quick & Simple

Donation buttons are a quick way to collect donations online. Simple to understand and easy to navigate, using web payment buttons guarantees a hassle-free, optimised donation system to your donors, increasing the likelihood of more donations.

We have a selection of ready-made buttons to choose from. Donors simply click the button and are taken to a secure payment page to enter their details and the amount of their donation.

Donation Button Generation

Features & Benefits

  • Log into your PayaCharity Portal
  • Generate your online donation buttons
  • Choose from a range of button styles
  • Your donation buttons are linked directly to your account
  • Same transaction fees on donations
  • No complicated set up, no additional costs

If you would like to find out more about how contactless donations could boost your charity’s fundraising strategy

Call 0333 123 1243 today

Our Digital Fundraising Solutions

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All major payment methods supported

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