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PAYA IM30 KioskPlus Free Standing
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Designed for every charity,delivering peace of mind with the best-in-class free standing kiosk.

Interactive kiosks are increasingly becoming a part of everyday consumer life. These are now available to charities.

Not only do kiosks provide an innovative way for charities to renovate their environment and customer experience, but also to reallocate resources more efficiently and effectively.

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Features & Benefits

  • Modular functionality to support a variety of display and payment options.
  • Compact and modern design which blends perfectly into any interior with a stylish look.
  • Helpful, informative interactions that enhances donor experience.
  • Powerful solution linked to our charity portal with integrated card payment device and receipt printer delivering reliable technology.
  • Our charity portal management allows easy update of your display content and campaigns
  • Full support to deliver optimal video, website, ‘amount raised’ displays.
  • Suitable for high footfall environments generating more than 2 donations per day. Average card donations are typically in excess of £5 so our rentals are covered with just 1 or 2 donations per day depending on rental term.
  • Opportunity to collect Gift Aid data to maximise the value of all donations.
  • Thank and reward donors for their donations with extra content.
  • Campaign management facility to allow donors to target their donations within your cause.
  • Full colour screen payment device.

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