Gift Aid

Maximise Gift Aid On All Of Your Giving With PayaCharity &

PayaCharity has launched a one of a kind service to allow Charities and religious organisations to maximise Gift Aid collection on donations made via our contactless devices as well as donations made online.

All it takes is one simple registration by a donor of their payment card details when they make an online donation using PayaCharity or anytime at the My Giving Hub website.

PayaCharity now provides the most complete set of complementary tools for charities to maximise their fundraising activities in multiple environments with the benefit of capturing Gift Aid.

How It Works

MyGivingHub is PayaCharity’s newest online donation solution that allows donors to centralise all of their charitable giving in a single place, with Gift Aid details captured automatically, without the need for donors to sign up or register with any additional parties or provide access to their bank account data.

Using PayaCharity’s multichannel tokenization support, MyGivingHub allows donors to monitor their giving history online, register more than one donation card, manage their Gift Aid claim permissions and match past online and contactless donations made using their registered cards. This ability to automatically match card payments helps maximise the claim of Gift Aid for the causes they support with a few simple clicks.

Features & Benefits

  • Simple service compared to other solutions
  • Full Gift Aid uplift on all eligible donations made with cards registered by Donors
  • Gift Aid on contactless donations without the pre-entry of Donor details at the donation point, so avoiding queues
  • Minimal administration. Gift Aid reports are available in your PayaCharity portal selectable by date range
  • Gift Aid information is provided for FREE and there is no additional charge on the amount recovered
  • PayaCharity’s multichannel tokenization allows donors to add Gift Aid to any donation made on their registered cards within the past 4 years
  • Registration of donors can be encouraged via QR codes or via web address
  • PayaCharity partners can be introduced to assist you with Gift Aid recovery

Manage Giving & Gift Aid In One Place

My Giving Hub offers a single solution to charitable giving and Gift Aid reclaim

Monitor Your Giving

Get an easy to navigate overview of all of your donations and Gift Aid claims. View recent transactions by date and time, amounts given, cards used and quickly donate again to your favourite causes.

Manage Your Donations

You can choose to make a one-off donation to any charity in our extensive database or set up a recurring weekly or monthly donation to your favourite causes. View your full donation history and sort donations by date.

Find New Organisations

Find new organisations and causes to donate to using our charity search feature. Simply type in the name of the charitable organisation you’d like to support. If you don’t have a specific organisation in mind you can search using keywords such as ‘children’, ‘cancer’ or ‘donkey’.

Manage Gift Aid

Choose to add Gift Aid to your current and future donations along with any donations you have made in the past 4 years with any of your registered card details.

Manage Payment Portfolio

You can register all the bank cards you use for your giving and donations, making your donation portfolio easier to track and manage in a single place.

Make your donations more flexible by registering for a My Giving Hub account today. 

PayaCharity is a Paya Group brand operated by Cornerstone Merchant Services (North) Limited, (company registration number 07373392) registered office address: 7 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AN. Authorised with the FCA for rental of hardware, firm number 710416.