Fundraising During Coronavirus

Keeping People Safe

In order to better support the Third Sector during Coronavirus, PayaCharity offer a broad range of contactless, mobile and digital donation services that ensure Charities can continue to collect donations whilst safely following official guidance. With current public health recommendations in place, Fundraisers should be taking all measures to ensure the public and fellow fundraisers are kept safe whilst taking donations during these exceptional times. 

Our Solutions

Our contactless donation solutions offer the benefit of being less risky than handling cash when face to face with donors and can be placed in locations to take donations unattended, minimising the chance of spreading the Coronavirus. We also understand that many charities will want to avoid face-to-face fundraising altogether, which is why we have expanded our offer to include a variety of digital fundraising solutions, allowing you to continue taking donations for the foreseeable future in any environment.


Digital Fundraising

PayaCharity customers now benefit from a broad range of tools to trigger digital giving including the ability to send digital donation requests to their supporter base using the PayaCharity Portal.

This self-service solution gives Charities and good cause organisations the beneficial opportunity to engage quickly and safely with their donor base. These Digital services can all be operated remotely via the PayaCharity portal using your existing donor contact information, meaning no face-to-face interaction is required.


Unattended Installations

The Payter contactless donation box is ideal for accepting fixed recurring donations in unattended environments without the need to touch the device. The donor simply taps their card, phone or Apple Watch to the contactless symbol and the device will automatically take payments and continue to request donations. The Payter can be fixed in a variety of safe and secure display units, making it ideal for collecting in relevant locations without the need for a volunteer to handle the device.


Donations At Arm’s Length

Handling devices and cash should be avoided where possible. PayaCharity offers a variety of contactless devices and accessories to make face-to-face fundraising safer during Coronavirus. We also provide a number of touchless contactless terminals that don’t require handling to accept donations. These also make it easier to collect donations whilst maintaining social distancing and keeping donors feeling safe.

Getting Started

To get the most out of your PayaCharity account during the pandemic, simply log into your PayaCharity Portal. 

If you aren’t currently a customer of PayaCharity you can simply apply for an Account. The application is 100% online and there are no set up fees to pay. Once we’ve approved your application you will have full access to the PayaCharity Portal to choose the contactless devices and the Digital Channels to suit the ways you wish to fundraise.

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