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QR Codes

Create Free QR Codes To Collect Higher Value Donations

Free, Easy to Use, Versatile

From posters, business cards and contactless donation boxes, QR codes can be used on anything and everything. PayaCharity offer free QR codes for charities to expand their fundraising into mobile payment strategies.

QR codes offer charities the capability to create more flexible fundraising campaigns and are also highly beneficial to donors. By scanning a QR code a donor can make payments on their mobile or tablet that exceed the contactless limit of £30, making them an ideal option to have on the side of your device.

Charities can also direct donors to a specific website or webpage for additional charity information, opening times or event details.

Too Good To Miss

QR codes can save charities money on promotions, advertising or workforce costs by easily distributing information without any added expenses or manpower.

A donor can store this information for a later time, increasing the likelihood of a repeat visit. This maximises charity exposure and can boost donation revenue.

Donations made via a PayaCharity provided QR Code have the same transaction fee as your contactless donation box, meaning there are no hidden costs or additional fees for using this free feature.

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No complicated set up

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