Digital Fundraising

From QR Codes To SMS Donation Links, We Have A Variety Of Digital Fundraising Solutions For Charities

Refine your donation capabilities and donor management

PayaCharity customers now have a broad range of tools to trigger digital giving including the ability to send digital donation requests to their supporter base using the PayaCharity Portal.

This self-service solution gives Charities and good cause organisations the beneficial opportunity to engage quickly and easily with their donor base and keep them invested in future fundraising causes.

Turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters

PayaCharity offers unparalleled features with integrated solutions, including email and sms donation requests, bulk requesting, automated website donation button and QR code generation, unlimited cause setup and donation request logging.

Easy and simple to use, these features are flexible and fully manageable by the charity, meaning no third parties, additional costs or time is wasted.

Risk-Free 3 Month Free Trial

New PayaCharity digital channel customers can get a 3 month free trial of our Digital Fundraising Solutions completely risk-free with no monthly fees. Just transaction gateway fees will apply. Simply sign up for an account.

You can cancel any time during your 3 month trial, thereafter rolling into a 12 month minimum contract of £29.95 per month.

Features & Benefits

  • Manage your donors, donations and contacts in one place
  • Reduce donation time down to 14 seconds
  • Turn your emails and sms messages into donation generators
  • Create versatile fundraising QR codes
  • Set up and track fundraising contributions to multiple causes
  • Streamline fundraising with time-saving bulk tools
  • Increase operational efficiency with fewer resources needed
  • Get insights into how your supporters choose to donate 
  • Champion online giving and fundraising during Coronavirus
  • Make giving easier and more convenient for your donors
  • Enable your community to give anytime, anywhere
  • Encourage regular giving
  • Maximise Gift Aid claims

Accomplish More For Less

PayaCharity makes it easy for you to take advantage of digital fundraising. Set up your causes, generate donation buttons for your website pages, generate QR codes for your literature and put anywhere a supporter is encouraged to donate, and proactively encourage giving via sms and/or email.

Setting up donation requests is as simple as uploading a file of your donor’s details into your PayaCharity Portal and choosing the donation parameters.

With just a few clicks you can send 100s of requests by both email and SMS, in bulk or individually, giving donors the potential to give within minutes.

Our Digital Fundraising Solutions

We offer a variety of digital-only solutions for charities.

Bespoke Donation Pages

Design your own bespoke donation page for your website which is highly configurable and brandable to your organisation. Donors simply click through and are taken to your secure page to enter their details and the amount of their donation.


Charities and organisations can set up multiple causes to request donations to. This is ideal for large Charities or Religious organisations that hold multiple, simultaneous fundraisers throughout the year. You can also identify causes which are Gift Aid eligible.

QR Code Generation

Generate QR codes that phones can automatically read. This is ideal to email to your donors, add to your website or print as stickers. Fast to generate with the ability to create 100s in an hour. Easy to save and test. Can be pre-filled to request a specific donation amount or can be left blank to let donors choose their own amount.

Ultra Fast ‘14 Second’ Mobile Donations

Donors can now complete ultra fast mobile donations on their phone triggered by QR Code and NFC Tag technology leveraging Apple Pay and Google Pay. This reduces the donation process down to as little as 14 seconds using smartphones which can read QR Codes and NFC Tags without the need to download or open an additional app.

SMS Requests

Send SMS donation requests to your donor’s phones. Send individually or in bulk. Full instructions on how to create a CSV file included, along with a downloadable dummy file to populate with your information. SMS donation requests cost 10p per SMS with the option to resend unpaid donations requests. Generous 90 day expiry time.

Email Requests

Use your established email subscriber base to send email donation requests. Add your own PDFs to the emails you send. Can be sent individually or in bulk. Full instructions on how to create a CSV file along with downloadable CSV dummy file included. Free to send to multiple donors with the option to resend unpaid donations requests. Generous 90 day expiry time.

Donation Button Generation

Generate donation buttons for your website. These are automatically generated and simple to copy. There is a cause-specific option for individual web pages or multiple websites. Highlight a specific donation amount or leave blank to allow donor to choose their own amount.

Online Assistant

The Online Assistant is our step-by-step tool to help you to get the best out of the functionality that the PayaCharity Portal offers. When you visit a page that supports the Online Assistant it will appear automatically and ask if you need help. You will get step by step guidance on how to use the features we provide, allowing you to learn to use them as you go.

Donation Request Log

The donation request log confirms all donation requests sent and the status of the donation. You also have the ability to resend to all unpaid donations. This gives you valuable insights into your donor behaviour and allows you to build digital fundraising strategies for your organisation.

Gift Aid Reclaim

PayaCharity has launched a one of a kind service to allow Charities and religious organisations to maximise Gift Aid collection on donations made via our contactless devices as well as donations made online. Our tokenization technology allows you to match online donations to future contactless card donations, so you’ll never miss out on Gift Aid.

Apple Pay & Google Pay Enabled

Supporters can now give to your causes quickly and easily using Apple Pay and Google Pay. They can give remotely on their desktop computer, tablet or smart phone using card payments without the need to manually type their card details. They simply authorise their donation using their connected Apple Pay or Google Pay account.

Virtual Terminal

The PayaCharity Virtual Terminal makes it possible to accept credit and debit card donations to your charity without a traditional credit card machine. Charities and Fundraisers can take donations over the telephone and manually input all the card information and the amount and submit for authorisation. No additional software is needed, you only need to be able to log into your PayaCharity Portal via your device.

For more information about our Digital Fundraising Solutions, please download the brochure below or contact us.

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Getting Started

To get set started with PayaCharity Digital Donation Services, simply log into your Charity Portal. If you aren’t currently a customer of PayaCharity you can apply for an Account.

The application is 100% online and there are no set up fees to pay. Once we’ve approved your application you will have full access to the PayaCharity Portal and the Digital Donation Features.

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