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According to the UK Card Association, by June 2016 there were 92 million contactless cards in issue, and for that month alone £1.9 billion transactions were taken. This figure is growing continually, and is the reason why many charities have switched to contactless technology.

Why Contactless?

  • Fewer people carry cash
  • Encourages spontaneous donations
  • Higher average values gifted
  • Easier for charities to manage
  • Less admin – no cash to collect or bank
  • Easier to track campaigns

Why Payacharity?

Payacharity has invested in the latest technologies to offer an affordable & scalable way of accepting contactless donations. We provide the complete package, including a choice of contactless collection boxes, merchant accounts and real-time, online tracking. 

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We originally tried to deal directly with suppliers and banks to set up contactless payments for our organisation. However after 8 months of backwards and forwards and untold staff time chasing instruction manuals and packages lost in shipping, I was ready to give up. This is where Payacharity came in, not only did they coach me through the process, they then set up two rental boxes with less than two days’ notice’.

Alzheimer’s Research UK

Do you have a sponsor?

Organisations that work with, or sponsor charities often welcome the opportunity to help with fundraising events and other initiatives such as sponsoring the rental of contactless donation boxes or stands.

With prices starting from just £24.95 per month this could be a great way for your sponsor to contribute. 

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