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PAYA App Only

No additional hardware is required, simply download our Android App from the PlayStore using your own smartphone.

The PhonePOS App has been designed to be simple and easy to use. Fully aligned with our traditional terminals, you can configure up to 5 preset donation amounts to display on screen or give the donor the option to choose their amount. You can collect GiftAid on any eligible transactions as well as providing email receipts to those who need them. As this is a contactless only solution, the donation amount is capped at the current contactless limit of £100.

The App provides detailed transaction summaries so you can monitor how much you have raised by day, week, month and year.

Not only can our App be fully branded for charities who wish to give it to its fundraisers, we can connect fundraisers to over 33,000 charities through our partners JustGiving and Charities Trust.

Customers must ensure that their Android phone is running version 9 and above and that it is also NFC compatible.

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