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The Payter Contactless Device In A Portable Case

The Payter Portable is a contactless donation box that has been fitted into a special portable carry case

Battery powered for mobile fundraising, the Payter Portable can also be plugged into the mains and used as a fixed donation point, making it the ultimate contactless donation box for charities

It can accept donations up to £45 and can be pre-set to accept multiple donation amounts, eg £3, £5 and £10. You can tailor your fundraising campaigns by changing the set amounts at any time on the Charity Management Portal.

The Payter Portable is the most advanced premium contactless model in tap to donate technology and one of the most sophisticated charity payment solutions around.

Dimensions: Height 150mm, Width 114mm, Depth 132mm (+ 27mm Handle)

12 Month Contract
£19.95 per month
Fixed Contract Term
24 Months
£34.95 per month
36 Months
£29.95 per month
48 Months
£24.95 per month
Configuration & Delivery
£15.00 per device
Short Term Hire
Fixed Contract Term
Quarterly Hire (3 months)
Half Yearly Hire (6 months)

Prices are subject to VAT where applicable

Features & Benefits

  • Quick and easy technology for all, just tap and go
  • Targets a younger generation of donors
  • Combats the growing decrease in cash circulation
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Configurable donation amounts up to £45
  • Simple to use for volunteers and fundraisers
  • Processes donations via a mobile signal, no Wi-Fi needed
  • Stores transactions offline when mobile signal is unreliable
  • Lightweight and weather-proof, collect anywhere
  • Funds go directly into your bank account
Payter Portable
Payter Portable
Payter Portable
Payter Portable

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