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Make contactless giving an experience

With the technology available today, accepting donations needn’t be restricted to the traditional collection tin on the counter tops of shops. With the recent emergence of contactless donation boxes, charities have the opportunity to create an engaging experience with potential donors anytime any where.

Here are some guiding principles when creating a contactless experience.

Be bold

Sometimes a contactless box on it’s own might not be enough to convey an emotive message. Connecting your contactless donation box into something bigger and engaging will help you broadcast your message and attract the attention of potential donors.

Keep it simple

Make it easy for people to donate – similar to donating coins in a collection bucket. It’s important not to remove the ‘tap and go’ philosophy which more and more people are buying into. This also means discarding any thoughts of capturing any user data

Location, location, location

Another really important facet of creating a successful donation experience is to establish a ‘natural ask’. This can be done by positioning your contactless donation experience in areas where footfall is high or offers a natural point of donation e.g. a high street charity shop window, or a museum/art gallery exhibition.

Provide an experience

Explore beyond the tap and beep. Below is an example from Cancer Research UK and how they created a unique experience.

Cancer Research UK

For further advice on how to create a contactless donation experience, call us on 0333 123 1243.

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