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London buskers get into rhythm with contactless payments

The buskers of London have become the latest group to take advantage of contactless payments. As well as giving loose change into a box, passers-by can now use card readers to make contactless card payments.

Simple to use the card readers, which plug into smartphones and other devices, allow tap-to-donate fixed payments chosen by the musicians so they can continue playing while passers-by donate.

Backed by the Mayor of London, buskers are finding that more people than ever are donating through contactless payments.

Charlotte Campbell, a full-time busker who helped trial the technology commented: “More people than ever tap-to-donate whilst I sing, and often, when one person does, another follows”.

Using card readers for online payments is becoming increasingly popular among small traders and charities who cannot afford the infrastructure traditionally used for credit card payments.

Source: BBC News

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