Contactless Fundraising For Galleries & Museums

Contactless donation boxes help Museums and Galleries, whether large or small, in the current fundraising environment.

With the difficulty in providing a practical solution to collecting donations during Covid-19 and the continuing decline of cash usage, Contactless Donation points are an ideal way to improve your fundraising activity in Museums and Galleries. 

While the Arts Council of England has funding streams dedicated to Museums, the increased competition between applicants, especially post-Covid, is intense and many good projects are failing to receive the support they need. Whether through competition in applications or because of a lack of available funding, many Museums and Galleries need to do more to get the financial support they need.

It is now more necessary than ever to make sure that fundraising within the Arts sector is taken seriously, with the appropriate technology being used to develop new and sustainable revenue sources for Museums and Galleries. 

Not only do PayaCharity provide a variety of contactless donation devices to suit your fundraising needs, we also offer the ability to brand your donation stand or display. This gives you the unique opportunity to tell your supporters how you will use the donations, which can motivate them to give, or encourage them to give a little more. 

Whether through interactive displays that light up, make sounds or play videos when donations are taken, or a fixed donation point in a high footfall location, Contactless Donation boxes make fundraising safer, more convenient and more interesting for your visitors.

Features & Benefits

  • Eye-Catching Displays For Visitors

  • Little Resources Needed To Set Up & Manage

  • Inspires Spontaneous Donations

  • No Staff Training Needed

  • Paperless Service, Online Application & Management

  • More Secure, No Theft and Less Administration

  • Place In Any Location

  • Funds Paid Directly Into Your Account

PayaCharity Management Portal

Use our charity software to manage contactless donation box settings online. View your transactions, order additional products, amend your personal details, change donation settings, reconcile statements and much more. Quickly and easily track the performance of your donation boxes in real-time, adapt your campaign strategy to achieve optimal results.

Contactless Donation Boxes

Browse our range of contactless donation devices.

Portable Devices

Portable contactless donation boxes give charities the opportunity to create an engaging experience with donors anytime, anywhere.

Fixed Displays

Larger than a standard contactless donation box, these fixed units are eye-catching and sturdy. They can be fully custom branded.

Standing Displays

Tall and stylish, these displays are designed to make an impact. Add your organisation branding and any welcome messages you like.

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