Contactless In Memory Donations

One way to celebrate the life of a loved one is to ask family and friends to make a donation at their funeral service. In Memoriam donations managed by funeral directors is circa £100 million per year and growing. Often people choose to make a donation in lieu of flowers.

Donating At Funeral Services

If you are a funeral director and would like to make donating safer, quicker and easier at your funeral services, PayaCharity provides Contactless Donation devices along with a unique Management Portal with features that allow for the simple changeover of charities.

With the rapid decline in cash use and Covid-19 limiting social gatherings, contactless donation boxes allow donors who don’t carry cash to donate to a loved one’s favourite cause whilst maintaining social distancing during a memorial.

Together with Charities Trust, we are offering an inclusive service that allows you to offer a collection of contactless donations on the behalf of over 15,000 charities, including most major UK charities.

Change Charities Quickly

Beneficiary charities can be managed and changed quickly and easily in the PayaCharity Portal to allow different causes for each funeral. All you need is the Charities Trust ID for the selected charity.

Our quick and simple technology gives you the flexibility to set up your donation box to accept donations for the chosen charity in advance of each funeral service, allowing family and friends to select the charity in advance and fundraise for their loved one’s favourite causes.

Donations Paid Directly To The Charity

No waiting times, no further arrangements needed, no sending off money to the charity. The donor simply taps their card and the donation is processed immediately. Funds are then settled to the charity by Charities Trust on a weekly basis net of 5% processing charges. Donations are paid directly into the Charity’s bank account.


Claim Gift Aid By Donating Online

Donors who would like to sign up to allow Gift Aid on their donations can do so by logging into our dedicated website MyGivingHub. Signup is quick and easy and they can donate again in the future.


Generate Giving Acknowledgments Online

You can generate and download Giving Acknowledgements from the PayaCharity Portal that detail how much was raised for the chosen charity. This can be passed along to the friends and family of the deceased so they know how much was raised on their loved one’s behalf.

Interactive Donation Capabilities

We can configure the contactless device to have interactive functionality, allowing you to create interactive displays when donations are made. This can be as simple as a thank you message played on a screen, an image of the chosen charity, or even a short video.


Rental Options
Includes the unit, gateway processing, ongoing warranty & support.
Product Description48 Months36 Months24 Months
Tabletop: mains powered, LAN connection£15.95£19.95£25.95
Tabletop: mains powered, GPRS connection£19.95£24.95£29.95
Portable: battery powered, GPRS connection£24.95£29.95£34.95
Purchase Options
Includes gateway processing, manufacturers warranty & support.
Product DescriptionUnit PriceConnectivity
Tabletop: mains powered, LAN connection£305.00£12.95 per month (12-month contract)
Tabletop: mains powered, GPRS connection£329.00£12.95 per month (12-month contract)
Portable: battery powered, GPRS connection£379.00£12.95 per month (12-month contract)
Short Term Hire Options
Includes the unit, gateway processing, ongoing warranty & support.
Hire PeriodPrice
1 Week£115.00
1 Month£160.00
3 Months£240.00
6 Months£330.00

A Set-up and Configuration charge of £15.00 applies per box ordered.

Please Note: Prices exclude VAT.

Branding Options

Our trusted suppliers can also offer a variety of fully brandable display stands for your Payter.

Payter Fixed Case


Payter Wrap Case


Payter Alpine Case


Payter Armour Case


How To Apply

Charities Trust Application

PayaCharity has teamed up with Charities Trust to provide an exclusive settlement service. You can use your existing Charities Trust ID if you have one or you can set one to use with PayaCharity very quickly. With all inclusive 5% Transaction Fees, this gives Churches the option for an express set up which can take as little as 24 hours. There are no financial statements to provide and no additional paperwork required, simply enter your existing Charities Trust ID or fill in a quick online application form.

QR Codes

PayaCharity also provides QR Codes as part of our Digital Fundraising Solutions. These can be created and generated quickly and placed almost anywhere. The donor simply scans the QR Code with their smartphone camera app and will automatically be directed to an online donation page.

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