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Saints Foundation

Like many stadia across the UK, since the pandemic, there has been a cultural shift towards making these venues “cashless” which is having a direct impact on the charities that traditionally collect cash, being able to hold successful fundraisers at these venues – as people simply do not carry the cash to donate.

We initially discussed a short term trial of our contactless devices at their Charity matchday in Summer 2023, at which they realised they would need a cashless donation solution in order to maximise their donations on the day. Charlie, outlined several requirements, including a fast donation process, and the ability for any device to be able to function in areas of low/no cellular signal.

Our PAX A920 devices were recommended as being ideal for this type of environment, having seen it work at organisations with similar requirements, with its preset functionality, and deferred authorisation capability, this would allow Saints Foundation staff and volunteers to fundraise seamlessly, regardless of signal strength, and safeguarding the money raised at what is an important event in their fundraising calendar.

Since the initial trial, we have continued to work with Saints Foundation with their fundraising efforts through continued use of our solutions to help them maximise donations throughout the season.

The ease and speed of taking donations, meant that we were able to get round the 1,200 guests in hospitality all before kick-off, raising £4,000 in just two hours.
Charlie Martin
Saints Foundation

Customer comments

Like many stadiums, St Mary’s went cashless a little while ago and when planning fundraising activities for our Charity Matchday in May 2023, we thought we needed a card donation solution other than collecting small change in buckets. We hired the devices for one week to cover the matchday and used them for taking payment in our raffle, which took place in hospitality and outside the stadium during our bucket collections.

The ease and speed of taking donations, meant that we were able to get round the 1,200 guests in hospitality all before kick-off, raising £4,000 in just two hours. The devices also worked well with the general admission fans outside the stadium. The branded screens are user friendly for staff/volunteers using them and they look professional and well branded. Since using them as a one off for our charity matchday, we have now taken on a six-month hire, so that we can run a matchday raffle once a month. So far, of the three we have undertaken, we have raised an average of £3,000 at each game. We also used them at a recent charity dinner.

The process for signing up and getting set up was easy. The devices arrived pre-configured to our JustGiving account, as well as fully charged, so we could just get started straight away. The account for analysing results is also very user friendly.

Saints Foundation

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