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By adopting the Payter P66 device, the museum has streamlined its donation process, resulting in substantial financial support for its operations.

Prior to August 2020, the Football Museum Manchester relied on a staff member to collect and manage donations for their popular Virtual Penalty activity, where participants donated £2 to take part. This manual process was both time-consuming and less efficient. Recognising the need for improvement, the museum installed the Payter P66, an unattended, PCI compliant solution provided by PayaCharity.

National Football Museum
National Football Museum

Key Features of Payter P66:

  • Unattended device, reducing the need for staff involvement
  • PCI compliant, ensuring secure transactions
  • Seamless update capabilities for donation amounts

Since the installation of the Payter P66, the Football Museum Manchester has seen a remarkable increase in transactions and donations:

Average Transactions:
42,000 per year.
Peak Transactions:
Over 8,000 during the August summer holiday in 2023.

In response to the device's success, the museum decided to increase the donation amount from £2 to £3. PayaCharity facilitated this update seamlessly, further boosting the museum's fundraising capacity. The implementation of the Payter P66 has led to impressive financial gains for the Football Museum Manchester:

Total Funds Raised:
Over £335,000 since installation.
Streamlined donation process, allowing staff to focus on other essential tasks.
Increased participation in the Virtual Penalty activity due to the ease of making donations.
National Football Museum
National Football Museum

The partnership between Football Museum Manchester and PayaCharity highlights the transformative impact of adopting modern fundraising technology. The Payter P66 device has not only simplified the donation process but also significantly increased the museum's fundraising potential. By raising over £335,000, the museum can continue to offer valuable cultural and educational experiences to its visitors.

The success of this initiative underscores the importance of innovative solutions in the charity sector, enabling organisations like the Football Museum Manchester to thrive in a competitive and evolving landscape.

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