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By incorporating PayaCharity's PAX A920 devices, the Irish Cancer Society has transformed their fundraising approach, achieving remarkable results.

The Irish Cancer Society selected the PAX A920 devices for their ease of use and robust functionality. To ensure a smooth deployment, PayaCharity provided comprehensive support, including:

  • Test transactions to familiarise users with the devices
  • Ongoing technical support
Irish Cancer Society
Irish Cancer Society

This year, the campaign saw 250 fundraisers equipped with PAX A920 devices, strategically positioned across various locations to maximise outreach and convenience for donors.

The impact of using PayaCharity's contactless devices was immediate and substantial. On the day of the Daffodil Campaign in 2024 alone, the Irish Cancer Society raised nearly 200,000 Euros. This represents a fivefold increase compared to their initial year using contactless technology.


Increased Donations:
The ease and speed of contactless transactions have encouraged more donations, contributing to the significant increase in funds raised.
Enhanced Donor Engagement:
The modern and efficient donation process has enhanced donor experience and engagement.
Broader Reach:
With more fundraisers equipped and trained, the campaign reached a larger audience, facilitating greater participation.
Irish Cancer Society
Irish Cancer Society

The collaboration between the Irish Cancer Society and PayaCharity exemplifies the power of modern technology in transforming fundraising efforts. By adopting the PAX A920 devices, the Irish Cancer Society has not only increased their fundraising capacity but also streamlined their donation process, setting a new standard for future campaigns.

The success of the Daffodil Campaign underscores the importance of embracing innovative solutions to meet evolving fundraising challenges, ensuring that vital causes like cancer research and support continue to receive the necessary funding.

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