Isle Of Wight Donkey Sanctuary

Case Study

Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary finds contactless success with PayaCharity

The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary has teamed up with contactless payments experts PayaCharity to introduce a contactless donation solution at their farm near Ventnor.

The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary was first established in 1987 to provide any donkey in distress or otherwise in need of care and attention, a safe and permanent home on the Isle of Wight.

As a small charity, The Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary relies totally on donations, donkey adoptions and cafe sales to survive.

With animal welfare costs rising sharply, the sanctuary noticed that cash collected in donation boxes around the site were also starting to decline.

“More and more people were arriving at the sanctuary without cash and we were obviously missing out on potential donations.”

Carol Foote

Sanctuary Business Manager

With the Sanctuary being open 7 days a week all year round, a contactless donation box was the perfect solution for fundraising.

After doing some research on contactless giving, the sanctuary then approached Mark Mellor at PayaCharity, who had introduced contactless donation boxes to a number of other charities.

The contactless donation box would need to be robust yet lightweight, weather proof and have the ability to be both portable and fixed for year-round donations.

Thankfully, PayaCharity provide a wide range of devices and found the ideal contactless solution that met all of Isle Of Wight Donkey Sanctuary’s needs.

With endless fundraising possibilities ahead, the team at the Sanctuary fully embraced the contactless technology.

“Mark introduced us to the idea of contactless donations and made the whole process simple for us.

The contactless donation box we have is tough but simple to use, the ‘back office’ information was really straightforward and it was a no brainer of a decision – we had to go for it.

In the first few days of its operation the contactless donation box raised hundreds
of pounds and we had lots of positive comments from visitors about how convenient it was to just tap their card and walk in.

We have a daily record each day of what donations have been made and it is a brilliant addition to our fundraising.

It has quickly proven its value and seems to have raised the whole profile of making donations on the site, because people have increased their cash donations into the cash collection boxes as well.”

Derek Needham

Sanctuary Charity Manager

With the charity making more than 100% returns on the donation box, they’re now considering getting a second contactless device so that donations can be made when donkeys go out visiting fairs, fetes and shows.

If you would like to find out more about how contactless donations could boost your charity’s fundraising strategy, call us on 0333 123 1243.

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