Bring Your Own MID

Apply For An Account With An Existing MID 

If you already have an account with a provider and want to use your existing MID you can sign up for a PayaCharity account without having to open a new account.

Make Your Campaigns More Powerful With The PayaCharity Portal

Oversee your device performance and monitor transactions daily. Get an in-depth view of how many donations you receive and how much you fundraise. Gain the freedom to have full control of your fundraising campaigns. Sign up for a PayaCharity Account today to get access to the unparalleled features of the Charity Portal.

Digital Fundraising Solutions

PayaCharity customers now have a broad range of tools to trigger digital giving including the ability to send digital donation requests to their supporter base using the PayaCharity Portal.

This self-service solution gives Charities and good cause organisations the beneficial opportunity to engage quickly and easily with their donor base and keep them invested in future fundraising causes.

PayaCharity is a Paya Group brand operated by Cornerstone Merchant Services (North) Limited, (company registration number 07373392) registered office address: 1 Westleigh Office Park, Scirocco Close, Moulton Park, Northampton,NN3 6BW. Authorised with the FCA for rental of hardware, firm number 710416.