Apply For An Account With A

Charities Trust ID

PayaCharity have partnered with Charities Trust to make applying for an account with us even easier.

All you need is a Charities Trust ID.

Offering exciting contactless donation solutions to charities across the UK

Together with Charities Trust, we are offering an inclusive service that allows you to collect contactless donations, receive transactions and track campaign progress.
Sign up is quick and easy and we handle the rest.

Make Your Campaigns More Powerful With The PayaCharity Portal

Oversee your device performance and monitor transactions daily. Get an in-depth view of how many donations you receive and how much you fundraise. Gain the freedom to have full control of your fundraising campaigns. Sign up for a PayaCharity Account today to get access to the unparalleled features of the Charity Portal.

PayaCharity Services

We manage the application for your charity account
We set up your Portal and allow you to track your donations
We supply the contactless donation boxes
We provide UK based on-going support

Charities Trust Services

They receive your transaction data from us
They manage and process your donations
They send your payments to your bank account
All you need is a Charities Trust ID

Contactless Donation Devices

From As Little As


Per Month

5% Transaction Fees

No lengthly sign up process

No financial records needed

No additional paperwork required

Quick 24 hour set up from application completion


Transactions processed in the week ending Thursday will have been received by Charities Trust. These will be onward settled by Charities Trust the following Thursday.

Settlements processed on Thursdays by Charities Trust will be in the charity’s bank account on the following Monday.

Getting Set Up

I Have A Charities Trust ID

If you have a Charities Trust ID you can apply now by clicking the link below and filling out our quick online form

I Need A Charities Trust ID

You can get a Charities Trust ID within 24 hours right here by filling out our quick online application form

Exempt Charity Status

If your organisation has an exempt charity status you can apply for a Charities Trust ID through us


If you’re unsure if your organisation has a Charities Trust ID, you can contact Charities Trust and they will assist you

Once you have been set up with a Charities Trust ID, you can apply for a PayaCharity account and order your contactless donation devices. Once your application is complete your PayaCharity account will take as little as 24 hours to get up and running and we’ll contact you to arrange delivery of your contactless devices.

If you need any assistance, please contact us.

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