About Us

PayaCharity has one goal in mind: to help charities

We offer a streamlined contactless donation solution which allow charities to fundraise in today’s fast-paced, increasingly cashless modern day world.

With fewer people carrying cash, over 120 million contactless cards circulating in the UK alone, and Apple Pay and Google Pay on mobile phones, contactless donation boxes make fundraising quicker, easier and smarter.

We help numerous organisations support their fundraising campaigns and card processing needs, allowing them to collect more donations and continue to do good.

Raising Pounds, Not Pennies

From trusts, societies and churches, PayaCharity is dedicated to providing an efficient and cost effective way of collecting donations via contactless devices.

Not only does this modernize the charity sector to be more functional and productive, it maximises donation amounts and increases charitable engagement.

Higher Value Donations

Generosity has no bounds, but if you ask for cash you will get pennies. Ask for cards and you will get pounds. Our contactless donation boxes help generate higher value donations on average for charities.

Modernising Giving

More and more people are using contactless to pay for goods and services. Contactless donation boxes help utilise technology to boost charitable giving and provides confidence.

Supporting Charities

We pride ourselves on giving our customers a service which supports practical and sustainable fundraising. We already supply many well known charities across a wide spectrum of good causes.

Our History

PayaCharity is a trading brand of the Paya Group, which has spent over a decade providing card processing solutions to businesses of all sizes. We set out to address the affordability issues faced by charitable organisations that accept low volumes of card payments, and to tackle the increasing demand for contactless payment solutions within the third sector.

In 2017, with the accelerated growth of contactless payments, we chose to harness our technology to provide solutions to the newly demanding market. Since then we have significantly improved our product set and introduced a market leading fixed transaction fee and ethical gateway.

A key feature of our service is its simplicity and our ‘one-stop-shop’ proposition – making it easier for charities to adopt new contactless technology. Specialising in contactless donation devices, we now service many leading charities and have thousands of devices distributed throughout the UK.

At PayaCharity, we’re passionate technology providers with the ambition of having contactless donations becoming the norm for a sector that is embracing modernization, efficiency and effectiveness.

What We Do

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PayaCharity is a Paya Group brand operated by Cornerstone Merchant Services (North) Limited, (company registration number 07373392) registered office address: 1 Westleigh Office Park, Scirocco Close, Moulton Park, Northampton,NN3 6BW. Authorised with the FCA for rental of hardware, firm number 710416.