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The iCT/IWL range was designed to become the portable payment platform par excellence.

Incorporating the most advanced technology and efficient power management, its mobile device has a capacity of more than a full day under the most intensive use conditions.

The wide range of connectivity options, including GPRS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or IP/PSTN means this range covers all bases.

Fixed Contract Term
24 Months
£16.99 per month
36 Months
£15.99 per month
48 Months
£14.99 per month
Configuration & Delivery
£15.00 per device

Prices are subject to VAT where applicable

Features & Benefits

  • No better solution for a retail POS environment where versatility and reliability are key
  • Smart and Compact, this device is designed for maximum efficiency
  • Accept all payment method including EMV, Chip & PINMagstripe and NFC/Contactless
  • Safe and Secure Payment ‚Äì certified to the industry‚Äôs latest standard

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All major payment methods supported

We accept Google Pay We accept Apple Pay We accept Visa We accept Mastercard We accept Amex