Telephone donations

Use your computer or tablet to accept donations or to pay for mail-order items


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Low rates


FREE Virtual terminal


Up to 99 users


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Make telephone donations easy with our FREE multi-user Virtual Terminal

If you want to accept card payment & donations from people over the telephone, you need a virtual terminal.

While many people these days donate by text or online, there are still those who like to contact you by phone. This may be as a result of an email campaign or an advert you placed in a newspaper or magazine or a phonathon.

FREE Virtual Terminal

Our FREE to use Virtual Terminal enables you to accept mail-order payments and donations over the phone; it can be accessed using any web-enabled device – computer, tablet or smartphone.

Simply capture the order or the donation amount, customer details and card information and enter it into the Virtual Terminal. Once the transaction is authorised, confirmation is given immediately.

You can send an instant receipt to your customer by email, track transactions and perform refunds.


Multi-user capability

Running a campaign? We automatically give you “multi-user” version so volunteers or call centre personnel can take payments on your behalf without compromising the security of your card-processing account.

You can add up to 99 different users FREE OF CHARGE- ideal for use with inbound and outbound campaigns.

The only fees payable are transaction fees when you process a sale or accept a card donation.


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