Save The Children

PayaCharity have partnered with Save The Children to provide the very best in contactless donation solutions.

Our mission is to work with charitable organisations to utilise contactless technology and offer quality support to assist in building successful fundraising campaigns.

We understand that your time is valuable which is why we have built a dedicated support page to help you get up and running.

Support For Volunteers

Whether you are a veteran in volunteering or a newcomer, this page aims to help fundraisers and volunteers get the most out of the new contactless donation devices.

The Payter Portable is a contactless donation box that has been fitted into a special portable carry case, giving you the opportunity to create an engaging experience with your donors.

Whether donating with a card, phone or watch, you’ll never have to turn away a contactless payment with a Payter.

The Benefits

Battery powered for mobile fundraising, the Payter can be plugged into the mains power and used as a fixed donation point when it isn’t being used out and about.

Like all contactless devices, it can accept donations up to £30 and can be pre-set to accept multiple donation amounts, eg £3, £5 and £10.

The Payter Portable is a premium contactless device and one of the most sophisticated charity payment solutions around.

  • Fewer people are carrying cash
  • Encourages spontaneous donation
  • Average donation amount of £6.00
  • More secure, less risk of theft
  • Easier to track campaigns
  • More convenient for volunteers and donors
  • Support Material

    Handy user guides for your contactless device.

    Quick Start User Guide

    The Full User Guide

    Demonstration Videos

    A visual guide for setting up and using your contactless donation box.

  • Simple to use for volunteers and fundraisers
  • Processes donations via a mobile signal, no wifi needed
  • Stores transactions offline when mobile signal is unreliable
  • Lightweight and weather-proof, collect anywhere
  • Funds go directly into your bank account
  • Quick and easy technology for all, just tap and go
  • Targets a younger generation of donors
  • Combats the growing decrease in cash circulation
  • Up to 8 hours of battery life
  • Configurable donation amounts up to £30
  • At PayaCharity, we’re passionate technology providers with the ambition of having contactless donations becoming the norm for charities. We are excited by the future of contactless payment opportunities in the third sector and are passionate about driving growth of contactless donation box technologies to better help fundraising and charitable organisations.

    If you need further assistance, 
    please call PayaCharity on our support number:

    0333 1231243

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