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Personalise Your Campaign

Branding plates are a great way to personalise your charity campaign by increasing your charity brand awareness and creating a specific brand experience for your donors. PayaCharity offer a variety of branding options for the Payter Portable, the most popular of which are the branding plates.

These printed acrylic plates comes in two sizes and are designed to fit onto the Payter Portable casing. The plates are extremely affordable, making them an indispensable asset in your fundraising campaign. Many charities purchase multiple branding plates to coincide with various annual fundraising campaigns.

Make It Unique

The Payter Portable comes with a free blank branding plate that you can add your own personal branding to if your charity has an artworker and a supplier. Alternatively, you can get your personal branding designed and/or printed from our trusted supplier.

Branded Payter Portable

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Payter Portable
Small Branding Plates
6” L x 12” W


Payter Portable
Large Branding Plates
12” L x 24” W



If your charity or organisation needs branding designed for a branding plate

£25.00 per plate
Printed & Delivered

If you need your branding plate printed by our supplier and delivered to you.

£15.00 per plate/order
Additional Plates

If you would like more than one branding plate.

£3.50 per plate.

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