Volunteer Guide

Each year thousands of volunteers support the Royal British Legion, giving up their time to raise vital funds for the Armed Forces community.

This year we hope to raise in excess of £1m and following the success of last years campaign using contactless technology, we’ve invested in even more boxes – making it easier for volunteers and donors.

This page aims to help volunteers get the most out of the new contactless donation boxes and to learn about the benefits.

Benefits of contactless donations

The 2017 Charitable Giving report indicates that a third of Britons would be more likely to donate to charity if they could do so by using contactless technology. It has also been found that the average cash collection box only collects around £30 in cash and is at risk of theft, is heavy and time consuming to count the contents.

  • Fewer people are carrying cash

  • Encourages spontaneous donation

  • The average donation amount is much higher, often in excess of £5.00
  • More secure, less risk of theft

  • Easier to track campaigns

  • More convenience to volunteers and donors


Britons More Likely To Donate By Contactless

About this year’s contactless donation box

The Royal British Legion has teamed up with PayaCharity, an award-winning provider of payment & charitable solutions to supply and support our donation box assets, and to help us track our campaigns.

The boxes are lightweight and easy to use for volunteers and donors, and combine the benefits of mobile and contactless technology. Furthermore, they will now store donations so can even be used in areas without a GPRS signal. This means you should never miss a donation and your efforts will be more rewarding than ever before.

Even better, there’s no need to count or bank the funds you raise.

Terminal User Guide

We’ll be using two donation box models –  a portable, battery-powered unit (with a carry handle) for raising funds ‘on the move’, and a mains-powered tabletop unit for placement in business and other premises.

Both are designed to carry a branding plate to promote our campaign and seek donations offering three amounts, e.g. £3, £5 or £10. These will change to £5, £10 and £30 on London Poppy Day.

Inside each box will be a simple terminal user guide with key information and the dedicated support number to call should you need assistance.

To reboot a box, simply switch it off and on again.


If you need further assistance, please call PayaCharity on our dedicated support number: 01604 978104

Digital Terminal User Guide

Video Guides

Below are some short video guides to help you get set up and ready to collect donations.

Tracking Donations

The amounts of money raised will be reported daily at individual box level so that details can be shared with fundraisers.

Fundraisers can also share their success on social media by using #PoppyAppeal and tagging The Royal British Legion.




Find a new supporter



If you know of a business, large or small, the would like to sponsor a contactless donation box on the behalf of The Royal British Legion, please let us know. Boxes can be purchased, rented or hired – from just £24.95 per month. Please send details to enquiries@payacharity.com and we will take care of the rest.


Thank you for your support

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