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Make it easy for people to support your cause with donation buttons, links and e-commerce solutions

Online Donation Button

Donation Buttons

Encourage donations at your website using our online payment buttons. We have a selection of ready-made buttons to choose from – Donate, Subscribe, Buy, or Pay.

Supporters simply click the button and are taken to a secure payment page to enter their details and the amount of the donation, or payment in the case of goods & services.

Easy to install & use, the buttons can display the Payacharity logo or your own brand. Available in two versions, simple and smart; simple buttons allow the donor to enter the payment or donation amount. Smart buttons can be set for fixed amounts and optionally, you can include up to 300 text characters and a reference number.

Campaign links have similar functionality but without the button image. Typically these are inserted into your campaign content to optimise response.

Add buttons or links to your website or email campaigns by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code found in your Payacharity account.

More in the Campaign Links menu.


Shopping Carts

If your charity is thinking of setting up a website using one of the popular shopping cart solutions, the good news is you can integrate with our e-commerce platform.

We have several plugins available: Magento, OpenCart, ZenCart, WooCommerce, Prestashop etc.

If you have a shopping cart for which there is no plugin available, or if you have a custom built cart, you can still integrate with Paya eCommerce to benefit from great transaction rates.

Alternatively, if your sales portfolio is small and doesn’t warrant investment in a shopping cart you can still sell online or by campaign using our Smart Payment Buttons.

You can add as many buttons as you like to your website, each bearing a product description and price. When the button is selected the customer is presented with a branded payment page and asked to complete their details. Once complete and the transaction has approved a receipt is automatically sent.

Please note this functionality is not ideal for sites with large sales portfolios as the buttons are product specific, i.e have no function to total sales. This is where shopping cart functionality is required.


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