Transfer With Charities Trust

Transfer your Data Developments account to PayaCharity with Charities Trust

How To Transfer

To get your Data Developments account transferred to us with Charities Trust you will need to set up a Charities Trust account.

You can apply using our application form below and providing the required details.

You will need to provide a Charity number registered with the Charity Commission or you can confirm your organisation location shown as an entry on

Simply copy and paste the URL of your location from the website into the field below.

What Happens Next?

Once your Charities Trust account is set up, we will send you a new SIM card and our customer service team will contact you to arrange the transfer of the terminal and explain the set up process to you.

The only thing you’ll need to do is turn the device off and install your new sim card. We even have a handy video guide showing you how to do this. If you need any further assistance you can also contact us on 0333 123 1243.

Whilst your device is switched off we will reconfigure it with the new gateway and acquirer so that all the features we offer will become available. This will take approximately 48 hours.

Additional Details

You will need a service agreement with us which includes a monthly service fee of £12.95 + VAT. The service agreement will be sent electronically for you to sign digitally. Payments will not be taken until after service is set up, but please sign the contract so we can get your account underway as soon as possible.

We will also provide you access with our portal which you can use to see transactions and account information. Please note that when you first log in, it will ask you to set up a Direct Debit which will be used to collect the £12.95 fee.

Contact Details

If you have any queries about your transfer, please contact Mark Mellor.

07979 510999

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