Welcome To PayaCharity

PayaCharity has entered into a partnership with Data Developments to transfer all their existing customers over to our services.

To ensure you get settled quickly, we want to give you all the necessary resources to manage the transfer process with minimum disruption.

Who Are We?

PayaCharity has won several awards for the provision of contactless technology and are an approved supplier to Parish Buying.
We provide a range of added value features that will help increase donations and allow you to manage your terminals better.

How Do You Benefit?

Offline Transactions

Our solutions allow transactions to be taken where there is no signal.
The transaction is held in the terminal ‘offline’ until there is a signal, when it will be sent for authorisation.
This feature allows for the collection of donations in a variety of locations regardless of signal strength or availability.

Management Portal

We provide a portal with a full suite of management tools that allow you to see transactions taken by each terminal. These easy to navigate reports come in both overview and detailed forms, giving you useful information quickly accessed from a PC or remotely by phone or tablet. The portal is updated every hour so you can see what has been taken in close to real time.

Free Equipment Transfer

We can transfer existing equipment free of charge, as well as provide a new 4G SIM for better connectivity. You’d get a new merchant account that will be reconfigured to allow for stored transactions. The PayaCharity Customer Service team will have a view of all component parts, giving them the ability to resolve any service issues that may arise. All you’d need to pay is the monthly service fee of £12.95 + VAT.

Direct Payments

Payments are made directly into your bank account, cutting out the middleman and saving you time.
You control how often you receive direct payments, whether daily, weekly or monthly.

American Express

We can provide American Express functionality as well as all Visa and Mastercard cards.
Adding American Express and offline transactions to the terminal will reduce card failures whilst further increasing donation potential.

More Options

We provide more options for new contactless donation boxes including monthly rental options, purchase and service agreements and even short term hire. You have the flexibility to choose a hire period that fits your requirements.

How Does The Transfer Work?

There are two options for transferring:

You can choose an express transfer with Charities Trust which can be completed within 5 – 10 days. This option has minimal paperwork and all you need is a copy of your bank statement and Charity Number, if you have one.

If your organisation doesn’t have a charity number, your location on www.achurchnearyou.com is sufficient. With this option there is a cost of 5% per transaction, so 95p per pound will be paid directly to your bank account.

There is also the standard option through Elavon that has a lower rate of 2.95% per transaction.

This option requires extra information and individual proofs of the trustees and will take approximately 40 working days to get approval once the application is completed.

Once approved, it will take a further 5 – 10 days to set up.

What Is The Best Transfer Option?

You can choose the transfer option that suits you the most. However, in order for you to get the benefits of our services quickly and simply, we advise that you request an express transfer through Charities Trust. This gets you set up and running with your new account without losing service in the meantime. You can then request to be transferred to an Elavon account as soon as you like.

This way of transferring gives you the benefits of the express set up via Charities Trust and allows you to use our services during the 40 – 50 days that the Elavon account takes to approve. You will pay the 5% per transaction costs until your Elavon account is completed.

What Are The Costs?

Transfer Costs

There is no cost for the transfer. You will get the increased benefits of a PayaCharity account,
including the set up of the new acquirer, Gateway, takeover of Payter terminal management,
SIM card and data plan, free of charge.

Terminal Costs

A monthly fee of £12.95 + VAT is inclusive of all ongoing costs to the terminal.
This replaces any fees paid to Data Developments or Payter.

Transaction Costs

For Charities Trust the transaction fee is 5% and includes express setup.
For Elavon the transaction fee is 2.95%.
Monies will be paid directly to your bank account daily, weekly or monthly.

Contact Details

If you have any queries about your transfer, please contact Mark Mellor.

07979 510999

Can I Stay With Data Developments?

You can stay as you are but this means you will miss out on the added value proposition Data Developments have agreed for you by transferring to PayaCharity.

PayaCharity is a Paya Group brand operated by Cornerstone Merchant Services (North) Limited, (company registration number 07373392) registered office address: 7 Billing Road, Northampton, NN1 5AN. Authorised with the FCA for rental of hardware, firm number 710416.