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Portable Donation Boxes – accept contactless donations anywhere

Contactless Charity boxes 

Contactless donation boxes

Charity boxes

Donation boxes

Secure. Easy to use. Funds paid directly into your bank account

Payter Portable Donation Box

Easy to use, intuitive

Just power on and go

Carry handle to the rear

Configure for single or multiple amounts up to £30

Simple button to change amount

Donations can be captured offline

Fast & secure, no cash to bank

Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 8 hours

Can be supplied with an easy to customise branding plate


CollecTin Portable Donation Box

Lightweight and simple to use

Accept contactless donations up to £30

Accept larger donations using Chip and PIN (located under lid)

Integrated rechargeable battery

Online transactions with PayaCharity app

Want to accept higher value donations ?

Simply add a QR code to your box template (or use a sticker ) so supporters can donate amounts in excess of the £30 contactless limit or any other amount not pre-defined on the donation box. The code will open a secure payment app on the donors phone. MORE >

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