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The M010 is the latest technology card reader from Miura. Sporting a blue trim and ergonomic design, the M010 looks and feels good, and is packed with features such as a sizeable easy to read screen and a large simply operated keypad.

   Pocket-sized, lightweight

   Portable printer accessory available

   Suitable for use with our Payamobile App

   PCI approved

   Buy for £99.00 +VAT

   Pair with your smartphone or tablet


   Apple Pay and Android Pay

Payacharity App

Muira Card Reader and Payamobile App

If you’re looking for an economical way to accept payments without the need for a standard terminal, the Muira Card Reader could be just the solution you’re looking for.

It fits snuggly into the hand for secure ease of operation, is light and comfortable to use and when not required, can be slipped into a pocket.

Payments and donations can be accepted using contactless, Chip & PIN, Apple Pay or Android Pay.

                                                        Buy £99.00 +VAT

The Paymobile App does not have the pre-set donation button capability. The merchant needs to input the payment amount per occasion, making the device & app more suitable for small business use and for larger donation amounts. For frequent smaller donations, the Muira should be used in combination with the Payacharity App as featured under the Charity Solutions menu.



A low-cost option for accepting payments. It combines the Miura card reader and our FREE Payamobile App. Purchase Purchase price £99.00  including 12 months warranty & support. Transaction Fees 2.3%– Visa & MasterCard 3.95% Amex Hardware prices exclude VAT. Transactions fees are not subject to VAT. NOTE: Only available with the Paya Multi-channel Account and the Standard Merchant Multi-Channel Account.

PayaCharity is operated by Acceptacard Limited, (company registration number 6910204) registered office address Victory House, 400 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7PA. Registered with the FCA as a small payment institution, firm number 617090. AML supervision registration number XYML00000123676. Hardware supply and rental is provided by sister company QixPay Limited, (company registration number 07373435) registered office address Victory House, 400 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7PA. Authorised with the FCA, firm number 714818