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Optimise your fundraising campaigns by adding buttons & links

Online Donation Button

Simple Buttons

Make the most out of your online and email campaigns by adding a simple payment button.

We have a selection of ready-made buttons for you to choose from – Donate, Subscribe, Buy, or Pay.

Supporters simply click the button (which takes them to our secure payment page) and enter their details, the amount of the donation or payment, in the case of goods & services.

Easy to install & use, these buttons can display our Payacharity logo or your own brand.

Add them to your website or email campaign by simply copying and pasting a few lines of code.


Smart Buttons

Smart Buttons give you more control over the donation or payment amount, combined with the option to add up to 300 characters of text and a reference number.

These can be added to your website or as part of an email campaign for the payment of goods or encourage donations.

You can add multiple buttons, for different donation or subscription amounts, or price individual goods.

Please note: If your organisation sells lots of different items, we would suggest you install a shopping cart which can total sales prior to check-out and payment.


Email Links

Further, optimise email campaigns by incorporating links into your promotional messages.

Email links can be used in isolation or with the addition of our attention-grabbing donation buttons.

You can create unique links for each campaign to improve tracking and control the donation amount, which can be fixed or unspecified allowing the donor to decide.

This link functionality can also be used with your electronic invoices.


Campaign tracking

Track donations in real time and see at a glance how much has been raised.

Data is accessed online via a personal account portal which can be viewed in real time or sorted for specified periods  – day, week, month etc. and downloaded more for detailed analysis

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